From Blogspot to WordPress

After starting to publicly post my blog on social media, I was truly surprised at the buzz my posts created. It was recently recommended to me that I try WordPress, and so far I love it. WordPress has been so much easier to customize, and I actually feel like this can turn into something really cool, (you know, pending that I actually stay on top of posting regularly).

Over on BlogSpot, I was Blonde Girl Meets World. I came up with the title over last summer while taking some time to reflect on who I am and what I wanted to get across by blogging. One of my greatest pet peeves growing up was the stereotype of being a dumb blonde. I had never quite understood it, since I had felt quite smart. Blonde Girl Meets World was a collection of posts that exemplified my journey through life, as I spiral chaotically into adulthood.

Blonde Girl Meets World was unavailable for WordPress, which truly was a difficult thing to accept. While I was having a great time with all of the pretty aspects and add-ons that WordPress had to offer, I didn’t really connect with any of the blog titles I conjured up.

Seeking Something Simple just kind of happened. I have always been an unfortunate sucker for alliteration, so that definitely played a part. While thinking of my blog as a way to capture my life trek, I had a thought: I’m just seeking out happiness in this stupid, messy life! I’ve always been a writer in some manner of the word; I would write about the adventures of Tilly the Witch in my dad’s old computer room, make my friends’ MASH stories come to life with my friend Kelly, and carry on the escapades of my favorite book characters in my own writing. Writing lately has been something so great for me, but also quite simple. That’s when the title just kind of came together.

Seeking Something Simple. Like, okay, it had a ring to it… but did it mean anything to me? So I let it marinate. Seeking Something Simple, to me is also about more than just writing. It’s about taking in the little things sometimes. I have a tendency to look at the big picture a lot, and to sometimes forget to appreciate the little things in my life. I am going to drive myself into a wall with that way of life.

So I’m working on seeking a little more simplicity in my life. While I may live in a wildly stressful state of being, taking care of myself is becoming a larger priority in my life.

So Blonde Girl Meets World… and Seeking Something Simple. I guess I’m a little bit of both, and that’s okay.

I’m ready for my next great adventure!




One thought on “From Blogspot to WordPress

  1. So glad you’re liking wordpress so far! Told you that it was so much fun and customizable here! I’m going to miss your old title too, it was quite nice and I relate to the whole blonde girl thing, but this new one is lovely too! I’m gonna follow you on here which will make it so much easier to stay up to date on reading your posts, waiting until you post them on Facebook is so much harder! Haha 🙂 (Also it’s funny that we picked the same theme, great minds think alike and all that jazz!)


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