10 Things I Want My Older Sister to Know

The bratty, younger sibling in me wants a certain air of anonymity as to which sister this is about. Like, yeah, I want you to know these things, but I’m not sure that I want you to know that I want you to know these things… you know? So lucky for me I have two older sisters, (although it may be obvious as to which this is geared more towards).

1. You annoy me.

Okay, so while this isn’t the point of this post, as your younger sister, I felt I needed to include this. Just a reminder, sis!


2. When you went away to college, I scoured your closet whenever I needed different accessories.

What, like you didn’t expect that to happen?


3. Thanks for not prying too far into my life.

Sometimes I need space. Sometimes I need continents of space. Thanks for understanding that I like to keep things to myself, and that I’ll come to you if and when I feel I need to.


4. I usually don’t stay mad at you for that long; I’m just too stubborn to go back to talking to you.

Whenever we fight, I usually get over it pretty fast, but 99% of the time I’m too stubborn and annoyed to start talking to you again. Whatever we were fighting about was probably stupid anyway, and I realized that about 2.5 seconds into it, but a fight is a fight is a fight.


5. Remember all those times you held things over my head?

Well, thanks for not getting me in trouble for them, (most of the time, that is).


6. I go to strange lengths to defend you.

People want to smack talk you? No, no, honey. Only I’m allowed to do that. (Throwback to that time that I kicked Steven DeBara and made him bleed in middle school for insulting you). Can’t nobody scare me.


7. Even though I act like I hate third-wheeling you, it isn’t always the worst thing in the world.

At least your boyfriend appreciates my cynical side comments. It always diffuses the tension, trust me. As long as the two of you aren’t all mushy gushy, make-me-want-to-vomit, then you aren’t the worst people to be around.


8. You can trust me with anything.

I do know how to keep a secret, regardless of what years of being a tattle-tale may make you believe.


9. Just because I’m younger than you doesn’t mean I can’t worry about you.

You are my sister, after all. I want you to live the beautiful life that you’ve always dreamed, and it worries me when things go awry. That’s the only reason why I seem pesky when I ask about your life, honest. Also because I’m a little bit pesky, but it comes with the territory.


10. I’m proud to call myself your little sister.

Although we probably don’t need to distinguish who’s the “little” sister anymore. I’m still proud to share DNA with you, (even when it seems unlikely), and I’m proud of all you’ve accomplished.





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