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Realistic Resolutions for the Twenty-Something Girl

2017 is just around the corner! We are at the time of the year where we all collectively agree that 2016 was trash (although we can’t deny that good things have come out of it!), and we are at that time where we start feeling hopeful for the upcoming year. Although a new year does not mean the dissolving of all of our current problems, it gives us a feeling of hope, (much like the beautiful and inspirational Carrie fisher did. Rest in paradise to one of the most bad-ass female influences I have ever looked up to. Like I said, 2016 is trash for taking her and Alan Rickman away from us, but I’ll get off my soap box).

There are many people who are anti-resolution. I totally get it. You can make resolutions at any time of the year, and try to make positive change during any month. But for some people, the hope that dwells in New Year’s Resolutions means a chance for a better tomorrow. Some people cannot visualize a change without the specific end goal, and that is okay. What’s not okay is making someone feel bad about having New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe we can all collectively agree to stop judging everyone for fighting their own battles the way they need to in 2017. Just an idea.

So if you are the type of person who sees hope on the horizon of the new year, make your list. Write down your new ideas. Set goals. Start small, or start big, but make it your own. Below, I’ve compiled a list of relatively realistic resolutions for us twenty-something girls to work towards in the new year. Always remember that this life is your own, and the only way to live it is by your own rules.

  1. Apologize less about the things that are outside of your control.
  2. Find the healthy habits that work for you.
  3. Pick up a new (or old!) hobby that brings you joy.
  4. Wear the clothes that make you feel confident.
  5. Take as many selfies as you want. Don’t let others make you feel selfish for celebrating the way you look.
  6. Pay less attention to the number on the scale.
  7. Reminisce in nostalgia, but don’t live in the past.
  8. Make all of the doctor’s appointments you need this year. Don’t let your health fall to the side.
  9. Find what works for you in dealing with your anxieties.
  10. Text less. Call more.
  11. Wash your face every night before bed. Just do it.
  12. Clean your room once a week. Seriously, nobody likes your pigsty.
  13. Start saving your paychecks instead of just spending. Your future starts now.
  14. Stop prioritizing the people who bring more stress into your life than happiness.
  15. Moisturize!!!
  16. Eat less microwave meals.
  17. Take your vitamins. Yes, gummy vitamins count!
  18. Say one good thing to yourself every day.
  19. Don’t be angry with yourself for falling short from your goals.
  20. Understand that you are doing the best you can.

Let 2017 be the year you become unapologetically you. Stop waiting for permission or approval. Stop living for others, and take control of your life. Start believing in yourself. Until then, I believe in you.

Happy New Year!




2 thoughts on “Realistic Resolutions for the Twenty-Something Girl

  1. #1 is one of mine as well! I recently read that saying “thank you” instead of “sorry” helps. Like instead of “sorry I’m being gloomy” saying “thank you for being here for me.” Anyway, love this post. Good luck!


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