In the Blink of an Eye

People always say that college goes by in the blink of an eye. You don’t really believe it until it happens to you. You think of high school and how people said the same thing, but you felt it drag on and on, living life in a hell hole simply because you had to. There is no choice in the matter.

College becomes your home in the four years you attend, simply because of your ability to choose your path. You may not expect it to happen, but the comfort and familiarity of living at your school will be something that hurts to let go of. Sunday morning omelets will become a staple in your life. Your on-campus job will bring you joy you never knew a minimum wage job could bring you. You will meet people who will be friends for life.


Just like that, I have watched my life speed on by. While I obviously have made many mistakes, I have still enjoyed so many moments. I am trying my best to experience college without feeling regret. The experiences I have had have helped shape me for the better, regardless of the status of my decisions.

In the blink of an eye, I am suddenly a few months away from graduation. I have truly experienced some of the best years of my life, and I would be lying if I said that I do not fear what the future holds. I have grown so comfortable at my school that imagining a life beyond is terrifying. It is also really exciting.


I do not want to let how much I loved undergrad to limit my ideas of the future. Just because my college years have been so incredible does not mean that these are the absolute best years of my life. I am in my 20s! How can I possibly limit myself like that? I still have so much life to live, and I can take all that I have learned about loving life these past four years and bring it forward.

I am a much happier person than I was four years ago. I am learning to love life for all that it has to offer, through good and bad, and that is something that I can’t say I was able to do before I came to college. I am much more content in my own skin and I am so excited to move on to new places and share this better version of myself with others. All of a sudden I find myself at the end of my undergraduate career and I am determined to make it count.




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