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Gluten Free Guide to the Flower & Garden Festival

Hey y’all, I’m back! I was lucky enough to spend my 21st birthday in Disney World with some of my greatest friends, and it was an experience I wish I could do all over again. To say I’m suffering from painful Disney withdrawals would be an understatement. I’ve actually started a Twitter hashtag (#disneywithdrawals). Celebrating… Continue reading Gluten Free Guide to the Flower & Garden Festival

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My First Time Flying Solo

Travel anxiety is real, y’all. I’ve written about it before; about my struggles and my achievements, but that really only ever came from experiences on land—both train and bus. Flying solo was not something I could check off my bucket list, and the idea loomed over me like a dark, stormy cloud any time someone… Continue reading My First Time Flying Solo

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Realistic Resolutions for the Twenty-Something Girl

2017 is just around the corner! We are at the time of the year where we all collectively agree that 2016 was trash (although we can’t deny that good things have come out of it!), and we are at that time where we start feeling hopeful for the upcoming year. Although a new year does not… Continue reading Realistic Resolutions for the Twenty-Something Girl

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When Anxiety Takes Control

We’ve all had our mornings when getting out of bed is especially hard. Some days the dreary, rainy weather gets us down, and other days maybe we just didn’t get a full night’s rest. These mornings happen. For anyone that suffers from anxiety, getting out of bed can sometimes take on a whole new meaning. I… Continue reading When Anxiety Takes Control